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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Swing Sets for Commercial Playgrounds, are they safe?

A commercial playground has an especially important job of making sure that playground equipment, hardware, hooks, swing seats and all other accessories are kept in good condition.

These playground and swing accessories need to be checked at least twice a year to ensure any worn pieces are replaced.

American Swing offers a safety checklist to do your semi-annual safety check.

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Anonymous Commercial Swing Sets said...

I think there are some safe models out there but the safety is really left up to the care giver. They must be diligent about checking the equipment before allowing their children to play on it.

7:10 PM

Anonymous Swing Sets said...

Very informative. I always like to make sure that my children are safe when playing on swing sets.

1:30 PM

Anonymous swing set said...

A metal play set is more affordable than a wooden set, since many of the woods used to make the best wooden swing sets are very expensive. By comparison, galvanized steel is not that pricey, helping keep the price of the swing set down.

3:36 AM


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